Proctor System

The Proctorial System is introduced with the main objective of providing supportive care and advice to the students and to help them in their academic problems and personal problems if any, from time to time and to counsel them appropriately. This system would help the students to complete their studies comfortably and successfully. Efforts are made to send the progress reports of each student to his/her parent/guardians furnishing the details of attendance, class marks, examination results, etc.



We have a spacious library with working area of 1485.4 sq.m. consisting of 8562 books 152 Volumes, 3020 Titles with 7250 text books, 1012 reference books, 16 Encyclopedias and 23 National and International Journals. Students have a facility of access to the Digital Library with Internet.


Special Facilities:
Our college building is triple storey. Therefore Ramp facility is for PH students with wheel Chairs. First aids are available 24 hours.


Educational institution and school Visits/ Educational Tour
As an integral part of the Educational course, all the students were sent on institutions visit. This visit provided an insight on how institutions work and also useful information related to the course which cannot be visualized in lectures. Our institution sent every year an educational tour. The students went to Anandpur sahib for visit of Khalsa-e-Virasat on 19.04.2013. It is purely a study tour where students are allowed to look at history of Sikh religion.


Merit scholarships are typically awarded on the basis of academic, athletic or artistic merit, in addition to special interests. Some scholarships also consider financial need, ST SC and BPL students but rewarding talent is the primary objective.


We have a Canteen which offers food service programme at subsidized prices. Canteen is financially subsidized by college due to several factors the main reason being the seasonal use of food services by students. There are available like cold drinks, breakfast, lunch, snacks etc.


A security officer stationed at the Campus in Main Building is available 24 hours a day, and uniformed security officers provide around the-clock protection and services for the campus community. CC TV cameras are 24 our run in campus for observation of activities.


We are providing separate hostel for boys and Girls in Nearest City. The food served in the hostel is a mix of north Indian and south Indian dishes. Solar water heaters and water purifiers equipped with e-boiling+ technology are installed for the comfort of the students.


Transportation and Parking Services
Thanks to the College’s own transportation and public transit system. Our students have more regular and reliable access to the resources and entertainment opportunities in the Shahabad area. The college own transportation comprises of a fleet of buses which provide hassle free and safe transportation. There is a Cycle and Motor Cycle Stand with tin shed.