The college has taken strategic studies to become a leading institution by imparting Quality Education. To develop an action plan for the academic year, to interact with students, staff and college management, to assess and elicit suggestions improving the infrastructure facilities etc. and to share the best practices with others is the goal of Internal Quality Assurance Cell. (IQAC). The detailed information regarding IQAC is as under-

Year of Establishment – 2006

Major activities undertaken- By IQAC

The mechanism for internal quality checks in an educational institution plays a vital role for enhancing its efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. The cell interacts with Teachers at the department level periodically to get feedback and suggestions from all the teachers in the department. The departments set their goals and target with a time frame and submit the same to the IQAC. These are periodically assessed and a review meeting is held.

Student & Alumni Association to receive feedback from the groups and use their feedback in planning its strategies, bringing transparency and objectivity in the teaching learning process.

The IQAC also takes initiative in organizing quality programmes of National level by adopting certain practices. They are stated below-

1. Invariably all the programmes are planned and executed in such a manner that each programme is a success. Even then comments, observations and suggestion of the faculty are solicited to plug the bottlenecks, if any.

2. After the completion of each and every programme/activity/function, the review meetings are held to assess the strength and weakness of the programme.

In such review meeting, critical points, constructive suggestions and observations are received from the faculty and are incorporated for the improvement of the quality of programme.

List of Quality Assurance Cell Members


Dr. Markandey Rai, Principal


Dr. S.R.Kumawat

Members from the Management

  1. Sh. Chandan Monga
  2. Sh. Rajinder Saini
  3. Sh. K.L. Saini
  4. Sh. Rahul Saini

External Experts

  1. Dr. M.P. Gupta
  2. Dr. S.C. Gakkhar
  3. Dr. S.K. Gupta

Community Representative

  1. Capt. Gurdev Singh
  2. Mrs. Renu Chugh
  3. Sh. Suraja Ram (Sarpanch)

Member from Alumni

  1. Mr. Chetan Sharma
  2. Mrs. Smrit
  3. Ms. Avishish Sharma


  1. Dr. Archana Hota
  2. Ms. Anupama Aggarwal
  3. Dr. Harinder
  4. Mr. Pawan Sharma


  1. Ms. Manpreet Kaur
  2. Ms. Dipika
  3. Mr. Pradeep

Administrative Staff

  1. Sh. Bhajan Lala
  2. Sh. Tarun Bansal

Supportive Staff

  1. Ms. Jasvinder
  2. Mr. Raj Kumar