Suggestion / Complaint Box

The Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS) of the Faculty establishes the processes by which all complaints, queries and suggestions are recorded, examined and responded to. The results are used to inform faculty decisions and to improve the quality of the courses offered.

The college governing body or faculties responsible for the area in which the complaint or suggestion has been made will prepare a response, which the Secretary’s for Students and Teaching Staff forwards by e-mail to the interested party within twenty working days of submission of the complaint or suggestion. If, at the end of this period, the official response has not been finalized, the interested party will be informed of the steps that have been taken to address the complaint or suggestion up to that point.

Complaints submitted via the complaints and suggestions box will not be treated as formal claims lodged in response to decisions announced by the faculty and shall have no bearing on the deadlines for the presentation of formal claims established in regulations. Complaints and suggestions should be submitted using the form below. Personal details will only be used for the purposes of addressing the complaint or suggestion in question,